Do you guys remember when the word 'preppy' was thrown around like an insult in Jr. High? i.e.: "Ugh, he's such a prep!"

Well...I never really understood that whole thing b/c I love being preppy! {maybe I was the target of those insults and I was just oblivious, lol} It's such a clean, classic style that I'm so attracted to. If you ever want to know where to get me a good gift just start at JCrew and Banana Republic.

I added some preppiness to this blog today. Hip colors: check. Chevron: check. Monogram:check.


  1. Okay, so funny that you wrote this post because you wrote the following comment on my fb post about your blog/my basement color scheme, "I think those colors are a great mix of preppy and vintage"....and I remember thinking it was funny that you used the word preppy. I hadn't heard that word in a long time!!!