Our cute dog

Wyatt is a funny, funny dog. 3/4 of the time he's super cuddly and chilled out, but the other 1/4 of the time he wants to play fetch. He's seriously obsessed with it! It's fun that he knows how to fetch, but if we don't feel like playing he makes it well known that he's frustrated. See example below:

He really does bring a lot of joy for Sean and I -- he's always doing something cute or silly. He's also served another very important purpose in my life: delaying my baby fever. :) That baby fever, might I add, tends to spike about every other month.

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  1. Nicole, first of all, your dog is SO cute! Second of all, Matt and I are constantly entertained by Cody, and were by Sugar until he passed. We talk about our dog a lot - "non dog people" would think we're nuts. Third of all, a couple years ago we got Cody because it came down to a dog or a baby - HA! So I know your feelings. Miss you lots!