Pepper stuffed chicken and corn casserole

Both my paternal grandmother and my mom have made me little scrapbooks of their favorite recipes. As someone who needs to build my cooking skills, these have come in handy so often! The other night I made these two dishes for dinner and they were SO good!

Corn Casserole:

1 can cream style corn

1 can regular corn, drained

1 box jiffy corn bread mix

1 cup sour cream

1 egg, beaten

Mix all ingredients together and bake for 45 minutes at 350.

Pepper stuffed chicken:

Pepperjack cheese

Banana pepper slices

Chicken breasts


Pound out chicken breasts, put slices of pepperjack cheese and a few banana peppers in the middle then roll up and wrap with bacon. Use toothpicks to hold it in place.

Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

The banana peppers give it such an interesting flavor -- not something I have cooked with before. They're not spicy, which I appreciate. Craving it again right now. :) Hope you enjoy!

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