Google is not my friend

In the first few days with Carson I was so unsure of everything. To be expected. I read babywise in an hour and I found myself googling everything: 

Where should my baby nap? 
Babywise pacifier 
How long should I be nursing? 

Big mistake. I really think this was the source of my anxiety earlier this week. I was relying on a stranger who posted online to influence my own intuition and it felt suffocating. I'm sure there's a time and place for that but not now for this new momma. I felt like every decision I made was so heavy and would influence Carson for years to come - she wasn't even a week old yet! 

Yesterday, instead, I sought wisdom from trusted mom friends who have been there and done that. I had such a better day - what a blessing. I was reminded my feelings are normal and that I know what is best for my baby and family. All sympathized with the tough few weeks as my body adjusts hormone levels and acclimated to new sleep patterns. 

I'm sure anxious moments are not all gone, but giving up control and myself some grace to figure this out feels so good. Sean said he feels like I have done a 180 and I would agree. 

So thankful for those of you who are loving our family right now and keeping us in your prayers -- I'm feeling them! 


  1. also, I know babywise is pretty popular in Christian circles, but you don't have to do it. If it is for you and it works for you, go for it. I was glad a good friend told me that. Funny how quickly I had trapped myself mentally. You've got this, girl!

  2. Trust your instincts. When you are relaxed and comfortable, your baby will catch on and she will relax. Life is completely new for all of you now. The first 12 weeks will be the hardest so just go with the flow and don't force it. If you force a schedule and subscribe to all the "how to" articles and books, you'll just be frustrated. And exhausted + frustrated is a bad combo. You will be a great mom. Give yourself grace. That's all you need now.

    Grace. It's a beautiful thing.

  3. Ok so I am just catching up from birth story to now. So let me first say that I had two babies within a year and the hardest part of it all (all the way through today) was those first four months with Lilly. You are figuring out how to be a parent and how to work together in your new parent roles--but the good news is you figure it out. Parenting is harder than anyone can tell you--but it is also better than anyone can tell you, too. (: Congratulations, she is precious!