Three weeks old!

JOur little girl is three weeks old today! She really is such a great baby - here's a little bit of what life looks like for us these days. 

Carson is on a nice little schedule so far - she eats every three hours during the day and will do one 5 and one 4 hour stretch at night. Breast feeding is going very well, thankfully. Sometimes waking her up to eat well is the hardest part. 

Carson is a very alert baby. She's usually awake for an hour or so after each time she eats, but thankfully goes back to sleep quickly after her nighttime feedings. 7-9pm is still her fussy time and she usually skips this round of nap. 

I am feeling much better -- growing in confidence as Carson's mom daily. My anxiety has mostly subsided. The biggest adjustment for me personally now is being at home so much and feeling a little bored at times. I'm comfortable taking her out of the house, but we only have a 2 hour window until the next feeding. Sean's job is a little more flexible now that school is out so he's here quite a bit, which is awesome. 

I'm trying to figure out the whole pumping situation now so we can introduce her to bottles before I go back to work. I've only done it a couple of times so far and it's a slow start. 

It's simultaneously hard to believe three weeks have already gone by and that she's only been with us three weeks! At her two week check up she was 9 pounds and in the 75% for weight, length and head circumference. 

We love you, Carson! 

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