Our first week with Carson

Little girl is one week old today. We survived the first week together and are learning a lot about one another every day. 

This week I really tried to lay low at home to focus on my healing and recovery and to be as comfortable as possible. It has been a huge blessing to have Sean home with us this week - gosh, I love that man so much. Thanks to his help, I feel like my body is recovering very well. For documentation purposes, I have lost almost my entire pregnancy weight gain in one week. I think it's a combination of nursing and a decreased appetite. Im really working on eating more, smaller meals and staying hydrated. 

I think nursing is going very well -- she's eating about every 3 hours during the day. Night is another story and she seems to want to eat more frequently. I tried to tell her that's backwards but turns out it is hard to reason with a newborn. I'm feeling more confident with nursing now that my milk is in and her diapers are evidence of healthy eating patterns. She's really chill during the day, pretty fussy in the evening and I haven't noticed a consistent pattern at night yet (some have been easier than others). 

This week we had her first checkup and the doctor said she looks perfect and that her clavicle is healing great. She was down to 7lb 13oz at the appointment, but when I went back the next day for an appt with a lactation consultant she had already gained 5oz back! 

God hand picked us to be Carson's parents and I'm looking forward to the many adventures ahead of us as a family.  For those interested, Wyatt has been great with Carson! 

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