Life lately with Carson

We are settling into a new normal here at the Huddleston House -- here are some recent pictures and updates on life with Ms. Carson. 

Carson really is a great baby. She's eating well, about every three hours and gives us some nice stretches of sleep at night -- sometimes 5 hours between feedings (praise the Lord). She's a pretty alert newborn, probably because she sleeps so well at night. I love her pretty eyes, so I don't mind her alertness. Sean has been SO great with her...his patience is beyond impressive and he's always willing to lend a helping hand and word of encouragement. Carson has a fussy time from about 7-9pm -- that's probably the hardest time right now. 

One of the biggest adjustments has been switching from a busy on-the-go lifestyle to a new pattern of three hour routine on repeat. I'm learning to embrace this time with her -- I mean...my maternity leave is already a quarter over with! She will never be this tiny again and might be our only baby, so this is a season of life to cherish and not just slug through. God has ordained this time and season specifically for me right now!

Today is my first day by myself with her because Sean took the first week off and my mom has been here for a while. My gosh I was so thankful to have her here. Do you know what is better than any baby book? My mom. Seriously. She was the perfect mix of baby master, best friend and helper around the house. I was pretty sad to see her go -- not so much because I feel like I have to have help with the baby, but because I just enjoy her friendship and laughter so much. Thankfully she's only a couple of hours away and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of each other now that precious Carson has joined the family. 

I feel like my emotions are starting to level out, praise God. I don't feel 100% like myself just yet, but have noticed a considerable decrease in anxiety and an equally noticeable increase in confidence as Carson's mommy. Please keep praying for this -- the prayers are working!

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