Bachelor Episodes 2 & 3

Episode 2:
Ashley H. had the first one-on-one date: a carnival {literally} for two. Their date seemed sweet and sincere. She was a bit overdressed for the occasion {they really need to give these girls a dress code for their respective dates} but got a rose.
The group date was like 15 girls and Brad doing PSAs for the Red Cross blood donation. What kind of PSAs were those???!! They were all too racy for TV!

I was surprised when Brad asked Jackie out on the other 1 on 1. I really like her -- she's well put together and very classy...just not sure if meeting someone on this reality show is best for her. She's reserved, rightfully so, but I mean...she did apply to be on this show.
I was encouraged when Brad eliminated a couple crazies: Melissa and Raichel. They had WAY too much drama WAY to early in the season. I wish they would have shown Ali and Roberto giving their feedback! Keltie {one of my initial favs} was also eliminated. She didn't have a great attitude on the group date and her stated reason for being on the show was weird {because my friend told me I should}.
Episode 3: aka "the crying episode"
Ashley S went on the first 1 on 1 -- they went to a recording studio and were then serenaded by Seal. Ashley's dad died a couple years ago and this song was special for them. She is so adorable! She does seem a little young for him, though -- like maybe their life stages will become an obstacle soon.
Many people's favorite, Emily, had the second 1on1 - they FLEW to a winery, ate in a cute little barn and roasted marshmallows. Super cute date...except that her fiance died in a place crash, so she probably didn't want to fly on a little plane. The producers on this show are a little ridiculous. I'm sure that was all part of their plan to get her to share her story with Brad. Emily is my age: 24. I can't imagine dating a 38 year old, but won't say that it can't work.
Michelle {not pictured} is for sure crazy. She keeps interrupting other girls' 1on1 time with Brad and whines all of the time. Funny that she keeps saying that Brad needs a woman, not a girl...yet she is acting so childish!
Viewers saw an interesting side of Madison in this episode. Prior, everyone just thought she was a strange fang wearer, but she ended up leaving the show on the pretense that the other girls wanted and deserved the opportunity more.
I don't really have anything to say about the other two that were eliminated: Kimberly and Sarah P. They didn't really do much or interact with Brad often.
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