Bachelor episode 4

This episode is aka 'face your fears.' I mean, how more obvious could they be that the procedures asked the girls what they are scared of and then planned their dates around their response.
Chantal had the first 1:1 date. It was actually a little more forced that I anticipated, though I think by the end they were more comfortable. I think Brad likes her no-nonsense, fun personality. I do too. She's scared of the ocean, and their date was to walk on the ocean floor with those scuba helmets.
The large group date consisted of radio time with Dr. Drew's Loveline show. Awkward. Afterwards, they attended the obligatory rooftop pool/hot tub party with lots of booze. Don't they get tired of that? Guess not. It was a last minute decision to give Britt the rose on the group date. He was going to give it to Ashley the dentist, but she had a really poor attitude on the group date. Not sure how much longer she will last. Britt, though, is pretty cute. She seems a little too small-town for this whole Bachelor thing. I just googled it -- she's from Woodinville, WA; pop. 9194.
Michelle had the second 1:1 date. She's scared of heights and they had to rappel down a big building. Here's the thing -- she annoys me personally because she's too aggressive towards the other women, but I could actually see her and Brad together. I think she will be around for a while. Plus she adds drama to the show, which the procedures (and viewers) love.
Linsday was kicked off, but I wish she would have stuck around longer. She's sweet and super cute, but just didn't really get a chance to even try a connection with Brad.
Stacey admitted to cheating while on the group date. Props for honesty, but stupid for a show like this. I don't think her and Brad would have been a good fit anyways...she's a little too wild for him.
Meghan was also kicked off. Next week brings the drama of the Nascar group date (a bit insensitive b/c of Emily's situation). Can't wait!
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