What's on my sewing table

Oh, thrift store refashions -- how I have missed thee. Here's what is on my sewing table. Even Wyatt is expressing his concern with crazy eyes.

I'm going to get back into these types of projects, so stay on the lookout for more soon...

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  1. haha! I can't wait to see what you turn this one into!!

    Did you ever post your christmas gift ideas or did I miss them?

  2. You didn't miss them -- I've just been super slow to get the pics from my camera to my comp. Some will post this weekend!

    p.s. Love your new eyeshadow palette!

  3. Ok fun! I was looking forward to them ever since you posted back in the beginning of December!

    I saw that you do freezer paper stenciling...any tips to make it easier? My hand starts hurting after a bit of cutting the design out with a knife.