Here's a quick video that shares my LASIK experience with you.
I had my free LASIK eval at McDonald Eye Associates 6 months ago and was deemed a good candidate for the procedure. Once I found a good time, I scheduled the procedure and stayed out of my contacts for a few weeks prior to surgery. I did have a couple of additional visits prior to surgery to make sure my eyes had not changed much since being out of the contacts.

The picture below is of the actual procedure -- Sean, my dad and MIL all watched the procedure. That's my eye on the TV. :) This is one time my huge eyes were beneficial. I was awake and talking during the whole procedure, which only lasted about 20 minutes {the laser is only on each eye for maybe 10 seconds}. They did give me a Valium to chill me out a bit.

Here's some iPhone footage we shot to mark the occasion. They are all sans makeup, so excuse the scary face. :)

For your entertainment...this is what I look like just before bed. I have to wear these protective covers for about 10 days just so I don't accidentally rub my eyes during the night.
Update: I'm now just 5 days out of surgery and am SO happy with my results. My vision is great (was 20/15 the morning after surgery) and my eyes are really comfortable. I am still on an eye drop regimen including antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and normal eye drops frequently throughout the day.

If you have other questions, let me know -- I would be happy to help answer them!

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  1. That's so fun. Great video. Thanks for sharing!