DIY gifts

Here's a quick catalog of some of the DIY gifts I gave for Christmas. We were/are on a really tight budget this year and having some crafting skills really helped out!
My Brother has a Corgi named Abby. I made used freezer paper stenciling for this corgi outline t-shirt:

Mini corgi on the back of the neck.
I added my sister's monogram to this tote bag.

And matching wristlet.
Stenciled this for my BIL. It's up his alley. Did the letters take forever? Yes.
For my brother's GF, I reused this tote bag by using Wonder Under to add some cute fabric.
We also gave some pictures to family members. I was honestly relieved to have a more modest Christmas this year. So much money is spent on things that the receiver doesn't really want and probably doesn't need. I've really been challenged to find other ways to show how I care for those close to me. When we have our own family, I'm hoping we will follow this rhyme for gifts: "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read"
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  1. I gave my boyfriend a shirt with his dog on it. He thinks its the best thing ever :)