Cute Wyatt videos

Here's some random iPhone video of our puppy, Wyatt:
He knew something just seemed out of place. You need audio for this one.

He LOVED the snow!

He gets the random spurts of energy, often just before bed, where he runs around like a puppy on crack.
I took him to the groomers on Friday and against my very verbal wishes and much to my chagrin, they shaved the poor puppy. I was upset, but then tried to remember that he's a dog and it will grow back. He, however, needed some of my vicodin to cope with his loss of identity as the cutest puppy on the block. Don't worry Wyatt, you will be back to your shaggy self in no time.

Yes, he got the vicodin off my nightstand. No, he didn't eat any of it. :)
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