The Bachelor Week 1

I'm sucked in. Already. Each week I'll post my thoughts on the most recent episode. A group of girlfriends here in Fayetteville get together to watch it -- so much for fun to watch with others!
Brad is the bachelor this season. His first time on the show ended w/o picking anyone. He has declared himself as a changed man, though. Good.
Ashley S. won the first impression rose and is one of my favs. Did anyone else notice they aren't showing their ages on the TV show anymore? It's probably b/c most girls are mid-20s and Brad is upper 30s. Ashley is a 26 y/o nanny from NC. She's cute.
24 y/o Emily has a different story -- she was engaged to be married young and her fiance was killed in a plane crash. She found out she was pregnant in that same week and has a little girl. She's an event planner for a hospital -- fun job!
Keltie (cool name, right) is a 28 y/o Rockette. She's got some bangin' legs and a fun, spunky personality.
Some of my least favs --
Raichel is a 29 y/o self-proclaimed 'manscaper' -- really? I would just stick with esthetician myself. I'm sure the always shady producers of this show put her up to that. She's a bit too forward for my liking.
Meghan is 30 and works in fashion. Her shoes were terrible. I can tell she's going to be a difficult one to get along with in the house.
This 25 y/o girl has fangs. No, really...she has fangs and a vampire addiction. Weird. They had to keep her on the show for ratings, I'm sure.
Other notable girls: the girl from Kansas is way cute, Michelle (the hair dresser) is going to be quite the firecracker, and I think the dentist stays on for a while. That's it for this week!
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  1. I wondered how old the girls were, too! Hopefully Brad asks. He should not consider any girl who is in her early 20s. He should know that they are like the other girls from his other show.

    I can't blog about shows like this even though I like them, because I get a little snarky sometimes! And I know they are real people, and I wouldn't want to be snarked at! Good job at the recap!

  2. I agree with ALL ur favs and ALL your.. uh.. Not so favs :P

  3. I completely neglected to watch!! But now I feel all caught up - thanks! :) That's awesome that you have a great group of ladies to watch with!!